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What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine, or LM, is a clinical practice in which the use of environmental, behavioral, and motivational principles are added to standard medical procedures in the treatment and management of disease. This holistic approach incorporates lifestyle modifications first and does not rush to the use of medications as the answer, although medications are used when appropriate.

Once lifestyle modifications are made, it is often possible to reduce or even eliminate medications. For example, after lifestyle modifications, diabetic patients may be able to reduce the dosage of insulin they are taking. Or patients with hypertension may be able to reduce their dosage of blood pressure medicine.

In some cases, lifestyle modifications are more effective when augmented with specific medications. Tobacco users are 2 – 3 times more likely to successfully quit smoking when buproprion is prescribed along with the lifestyle modifications.*
*Source: The American College of Lifestyle Medicine

“Lifestyle modification” may include specific action plans. For example:

  • Making nutritional changes.
  • Developing an exercise program
  • Learning to better manage stress and anxiety

What is “Recovery Management?”

Recovery management is an integral part of our mission at CCMC. For those already battling dependency issues, we offer the Sober Assist Recovery Management System (SARMS) – a confidential, voluntary, non-disciplinary recovery monitoring program.

Our program is designed for high-functioning patients who are motivated to make a positive life change. We offer personalized treatment of addiction in an affordable program under the care of a Suboxone®-licensed physician.

For more information, please visit www.soberassist.com

A Science-based Lifestyle Approach to Healthcare

Many, if not most, chronic diseases are related to some type of unhealthy or addictive pattern. CCMC pursues treatments that are based on the growing body of research that says lifestyle intervention is an essential, if not primary, component in the treatment of chronic disease. These solutions can be as effective as medication, but without the risks or side-effects.

Diagnosis and treatment will include a science-based practice standard that includes:

  • Looking to lifestyle-related behaviors as root causes of existing health problems
  • Integrating biological, psychological and social therapies in the treatment of health problems
  • Maintaining good health through lifestyle choices

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