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“What is Healthy Lifestyle”?

Healthy Lifestyle, or HL, is a clinical practice in which the use of environmental, behavioral, and motivational principles…

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What is “Recovery Management”?

Recovery management is an integral part of our mission at CCMC. For those already battling dependency issues…

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A Science-Based Approach

Many – If not most – chronic diseases are related to some type of unhealthy or addictive pattern…

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Because we all deserve to be celebrities!

More than a decade ago, Dr. Jeffrey L. Butts, DO, MRO – Celebrity Care’s founder – found a niche treating actors and celebrities associated with the growing Texas film industry, and located his practice in the bustling communities around Austin, Texas. Dr. Butts realized that actors have health and addiction issues just like everyone else. He also realized that “everyone else” deserved to receive the same kind of treatment as any celebrity!

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